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B2B & B2C Portal

Magicbyte Solutions offers services to connect the sellers and buyers in real time to craft a profitable marketplace.

What is B2B & B2C Portal

We, at Magicbyte Solutions, help the users to build a digital business. With great experience and expertise in latest technologies, we leverage the creative actions to design, host, develop, and promote full-service B2B and B2C portals to enhance business growth, expand distribution channels and guarantee competitive benefit in the international market. Our B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions are molded as per the distinctive requirements of the client’s business with a feature-rich and powerful user-experience that drives customer satisfaction and brand allegiance.

We Provide The Following B2B & B2C Portal Services

At Magicbyte Solutions, we are a team of talented developers who outshine at offering high-quality B2b & B2C services to meet every customer’s expectations. Have a quick look at the services we offer:


    Our experienced and enthusiastic team is well-versed in every CMS available. We are able to build feature-rich and dynamic CMS based websites.


    Our astounding admin management services let website owners manage the websites with an interactive and user-friendly admin dashboard.p>


    Now, connect and engage with the users by integrating social media accounts into the website with our remarkable social media integration services.


    Now, get your preferred template integrated into the website through our specialized and interactive services. Worry not and experience the best that can change the way you do business


    Now, get the attention of web users by illustrating a beautifully developed app by our skilled team of designers. You can now have what you have always thought of!


    Improve the functionality of the CMS based website by integrating sturdy modules into it rendered by our professionals. Get in touch with our professionals and attain an experience of a lifetime!


    With the best of technology available, you can now integrate sturdy content maintenance features into the website to make it a lot simpler to manage the content of the website.


    We deliver supreme customer satisfaction by enabling them to control their website’s content and data via security-rich management services.


    We are here to keep you up-to-date with the cutting-edge trends by letting us maintain and support the CMS based website. Stay ahead with us to enjoy the perks of the ever-developing technology.


Magicbyte Solutions would be happy to discuss the project with you personally.

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Key Features of B2B & B2C Portal Solutions


B2B Development Company

Order Traking

The first feature of B2B & B2C Portal solutions is to use a sliced version of PSD File in the HTML page to evaluate your pages faster for order tracking tasks.


B2B Development Company

Secured Payment Method

The other feature that stands above is to create directories for every segment to manage the data in a methodical manner. Secured Payment method enables a correct way to do the business and perform the tasks steadily.


B2B Development Company

Seller Review

A proper competitor research can offer you an insight into the link profile of the competing businesses.


B2B Development Company

Real-Time Inventory Updates

This is one of the most important features that offer updates about the availability of stock of the products. The sellers and company employees in this way get an opportunity to have an insight.


B2B Development Company

Promotional Messaging and Brand Security

Promotional Messaging and Brand Security are the two most important points that need to be taken into consideration. The features help the sellers to maintain promotional messaging and of course the brand security.


B2B Development Company

Order History And One-Click Reordering

The other features include Order History and One-Click Reordering. This enables the users to have a check on their order history and One-Click reordering process. We assure in offering these services with an expectation of returns.


B2B Development Company

Custom Branding

The next on the list is Custom Branding. It allows the companies to include their firm’s logo on other apps and pages.


B2B Development Company

Intuitive User Experience

The most significant feature of a B2B and B2C Portal solutions is to attain an intuitive user experience. Users are regarded as king and preserving a good overall experience is the sole responsibility of the businessmen.

List of the world’s top Best B2B & B2C Website

Our Website Designing and Development Process

  • 1
    Information Gathering
    • Purpose
    • Main Goals
    • Target Audience
  • 2
    Designing & Planning
    • Page Layouts
    • Wireframe Creation
    • Approval Cycle
  • 3
    • Website Creation
    • Individual Graphic Elements used
  • 4
    Testing And QA
    • Test Functionality
    • Report Bugs
    • Test Cases designed
  • 5
    Post-Launch Support
    • Opinion Monitoring
    • Regular Updating