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Google Shopping Ads Services

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What is Google Shopping Advertisement?

Appearing on top of Google Search Results Pages, Google Shopping Ads are the advertisement programs that include Google Merchant Center, Shopping Data Feed, & AdWords. It facilitates online visitors with the opportunity to compare products even before visiting the website. Merchant Center deals where product feed lives and organize format as Google likes. AdWords deals where shopping campaigns goes LIVE and things such as budgets, bids are set to attain insights & optimize performance.

Key Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads Services

    Bring your brand and products under Google Shopping spotlight.

  • When compared with text-based ads, they perform really better.

  • Provide better quality leads and higher conversion rates.

  • Expands your business outreach while being easily manageable.

  • Ensure good visibility on Mobile devices.

  • Automatic updation is possible.

Sell Products Online with Google Shopping Campaigns

Synchronize your products with Google Merchant Center and get them shopping ready for ads.

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How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns?

Google Shopping Campaigns Optimization Process

Let's see how we optimize Google Shopping Campaigns


Find Buyer Keywords

Geotarget and Daypart:

However, Google Shopping Campaigns never involve keywords to bid but PLAs are usually triggered by search queries. Hence, you should review such queries in the “Keywords” tab and once you have got them, just filter out the poorly performing terms.


Google Shopping campaign structure

Improve Google Shopping Campaign Structure

It is the step that offers the best outcomes. Acting as the heart of result-oriented shopping, a good and well-organized campaign structure aids to bid on the search queries and products that are not just relevant but also most valuable for you.


Smarter bidding

Smarter bidding

It refers to the process of turning sensible when it comes to raising your budget & CPCs. Check which products are providing conversions. After that, balance the circumstances by bidding higher for well-performing products and vice-versa.


Spying on your competitors in Google Shopping

Spy on Your Competitors in Google Shopping

: Remember, you are not alone! Rather there are many who can give you tough opposition. Obtaining info like what better your competitors are doing can provide you with more and operative ideas to enhance your campaigning strategy and improve overall profit.


Title Benchmarking

Geotarget and Daypart

: Geotargeting and dayparting are the modest optimization techniques that people usually ignore and/or forget. I don’t understand why people have the misconception that these tactics are not related to Google Shopping campaigns. In actuality, they can pay good results.


Shopping Feed Optimization

Shopping Feed Optimization

It refers to refining data in your feed so as to upsurge your discernibility and competitiveness. Elements you have to focus on at this stage includes title, images, descriptions associated with your product. Optimization here will increase your relevancy.

Why Use Google Shopping Ads?

  • Better Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Improved Click-Through-Rate)
  • Abridged Cost Per Click
  • Competitive Metrics
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Custom Labels