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International SEO

Making your website global can help you grow and extend your reach to an
international audience.

What is International SEO?

International SEO is a renowned approach of optimizing a website in order to make them search engine friendly as per the country need. It helps a website to rank for a specific country via preferred keywords for multiple languages. International SEO includes content that’s important for users in different targeted locations and time zones having different languages as well as currencies. Depending on the available resources, content can be separately created for each region.

Key Benefits of International SEO

  • User-Friendly Websites

    Global visibility is the key essence of International SEO.

  • Bring in MORE Customers

    There are numerous potential customers in the worldwide market who are still not aware of your presence.

  • Better Conversion Rates

    Your target market is expanding at a prolific rate. Are you working upon the strategies to expand your online presence at the same pace?

  • Build Brand Awareness

    For a complete online success, it is imperative to cut through the clutter and minimize the competition through digital campaigns.

  • Bypass Competition

    Putting the strategies on place, with a proactive approach to reach the target audience globally, the longstanding mission of the company can be easily achieved.

  • You don’t need to pay for ads

    A good approach of International SEO helps to get good ROI. Higher ROI helps to grow business in the appropriate direction.

How is your current SEO campaign performing?

Don’t be scared! We are team of experts that will analyze your current SEO campaign and will work as per the requirement. All the necessary modifications will be done.

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How to Develop Your International SEO Strategy


Start with Local Keyword Research

To carry out International SEO, the important thing to be considered is the local keyword research. With international expansion some sort of local keyword research is required.



In the next phase, countries are targeted where the keywords have good organic search volume. Check if keywords are relevant or not as well as reasonably competitive. If the keyword search volume is not satisfactory to target, one could start with a language-based targeting approach.


Language Targeting

A language targeted technique for the international occurrence is appropriate when the location of the user is not a factor that impact the Website content, service, goals, and products.



After you have found the correct international web target, the final step should be to optimize the website accordingly. This means making sure that the content is relevant, indexable, and crawlable.


Conducting Competitor Research for Your International SEO Strategy

Performing competitor research provides a deep knowledge of the rival business’ local SEO strategies. You can enter each keyword one-by-one into Google to check which websites make an appearance in the first page results.


Deciding URL and Site Structure for a Killer International SEO Strategy

Here’s the important activity. The talks are still ongoing about the URL structure selection for international SEO. Renowned search engine Google revealed there isn’t one approach that’s superior to other. Other professionals say there are better and worse techniques.


. Change Content to Reflect Your New Localized Keyword Research

Lastly, it’s time to create a new content. But how much content can you translate and how much new content do you require to create international SEO activities? Regularly changing content is very important for Google ranking.


Change Content to Reflect Your New Market Demands

Let’s say your service requires to be modified along with the content. What are some things that qualify as content changes?

  • Product and Product Descriptions
  • Product Names
  • Pricing
  • Images
  • Rules and Regulations