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SEO FAQs : 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimization

If you are new to the marketing world or have been here in this online game for a while, you might have heard about SEO word from several mouths. Getting to know about every burning SEO FAQs is not at all an easy feat as it is a vast topic. SEO comprises of oodles of components and elements. Google changes hundreds of SEO algorithms from time to time. So, sticking to one particular strategy is baseless and just a time of waste because in the end, what matters is high rankings and fruitful results. Therefore, for running a successful SEO Company what is needed is the help of best SEO Company in Australia that keeps on coming with effective and tailored SEO strategies. The algorithms keep on changing, and new updates take over the old SEO trends. Well, it is crucial to work on your SEO basics, just like the way you practice mathematics equations. Let’s clear out the shadowy image of SEO by throwing some light on the frequently asked questions about SEO (SEO FAQs). Let’s dive in and educate you about what SEO as a digital marketing tool is. Fall back to this blog anytime, when you have any doubt pertaining to SEO FAQs. Have a Look at the ultimate SEO FAQs Guide!

1. What is SEO, and how does it works for Website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is basically a tool of digital marketing strategy. SEO’s core goal is to optimize a website to improve its reach and make it visible on top of the search engine results page. The purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to the website by helping search engines to understand your website better. SEO basically looks at three primary factors that are authority, crawl ability and relevancy. All of the factors decide how a website is apparent in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

2. Should I continue running an SEO campaign, even if the website acquire good rankings?

 Absolutely! Here we will quote an idiom The Show Must Go On. Discontinuing the SEO campaign, once you have achieved ranking is totally wrong, and it will let you tumble badly in the long-run. Bear in mind achieving high rankings is not the end of the game, as you have just won half of the game and hence deciding upon the king of the game is still left. Till now you must have got the gist that search engine algorithms keep on evolving and updating and you have to fine-tune with them as anytime your rankings can fluctuate. Be ready with your tricks and suit of armor. To cope up with the game-changing updates, keep on modifying your strategies, do constant research, and get acquainted with answers of complex SEO FAQs.

3. How to Get Started with SEO Campaign on Website?

SEO is a lengthy process of brainstorming and designing a blueprint of a systematic tailor-made strategy. All of this basically starts from the selection of domain name to speed up the loading speed of your website. There are thousands of factors that affect the ranking of the website after all SEO demands optimization of each and every element which gets you the best results possible and at the earliest. An assortment of factors are keyword selection based on the density, placement of Keywords, checking page load time, click-through rates, the responsiveness of a website, quality of backlinks, number of backlinks, mobile-optimization of the website, probably everything that is mentioned are the most important aspects.

4. How to Track and Measure SEO Campaign Results?

For tracking and measuring the results of the SEO Campaign, you badly need the Google Analytics tool. It is considered to be one of the most popular and effective tool to study statistics and monitor traffic. The cherry on the cake is Google Analytics tool is absolutely free of cost. The second most loved tool is rank tracking which basically helps in tracking the rankings of the page and plot them in the graph so that you can make the detailed analytics report. Also, not to forget that there are plenty of tools available in the market as well such as SEO Pressor, which helps to check whether SEO strategies are working efficaciously or not?

5. How much time does it take to attain thriving results of SEO efforts?

First of all, one should feed-in mind SEO results are not achieved overnight. It is not a paid advertisement where you will get to see instant results. But, if it is done in the right way with keeping all the prospects in mind, then right away whenever Google will recrawl, it will index/re-index your webpage. Always remember page ranking is affected by numerous factors such as quality of backlinks, number of backlinks, age of your website and on the competition for keywords. Even by hook or by crook and putting all hard work, if your webpage hasn’t improved in rankings, then hold your breath and continue doing what you were practicing earlier. Never leave any stone unturned as someday you will definitely see the ray of light which will be in the form of high rankings.

6. How much money is needed to run an SEO campaign?

It utterly depends on the SEO company which you have cherry-picked. Some of the digital marketing agencies in Australia charges an exorbitant price for merely sharing a customized SEO strategy. And on the other hand, some of them quote very low as they use unethical means like black-hat technique to get the results. But at MagicByte Solutions, we charge not so less amount and not so high price, since we quote genuine price for our quality work.

7. Do I Need to Hire Someone’s Expertise to Do SEO for My Website?

If you’re already a pro in this niche, then there is no requirement as such. And the icing on the cake will be if your company possesses in-house SEO experts, because in that scenario, there is no need to hire the 3rdparty expertise. But, if you are someone who has recently dip their toe in the digital marketing world, then you austerely need professional help. In this regard, you can choose MagicByte Solutions, as no one runs a digital campaign like us. Being a prize-winning and leading digital marketing agency in Australia, we work on the consciences of trust and transparency. Share your business vision with us, and we will help you climb the ladder of success. Also, our qualified and dynamic SEO experts will provide solutions to all your complex SEO FAQs doubts/queries. But, if you are a startup and has no capital, then in the start, you can rely on SEO plugins and tools that are absolutely free of cost. Carry out full-fledged research and see for yourself what will fit your business the best. If you want instant and organic results then do take a second opinion of best SEO Company in Australia from someone just like us who is working in this industry for years. The shining results will cover everything out, and it will definitely be worth the investment. o

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