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iOS App Development

Magicbyte Solutions is a full-service iOS app development firm offering amenities that encompass the whole development cycle, from concept initiation to the distribution stage. With the diligent team and a proven quick-thinking methodology, we try and deliver end-to-end quality iPhone app development services that can help users with fruitful results.

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  • iOS is one of the top platforms in the Mobile App Market.
  • It holds a whopping 200 patents for the iPhone.
  • Amazing and Rich Browsing.
  • Remarkable Features.
  • Ground-breaking Innovation.

Why hire iPhone App Development Services

iOS is one of the most used platforms that has taken people by storm. People use the platform with interest and attain a great satisfaction level in relation to the services they receive. At Magicbyte solutions, we are adept at delivering scalable, engaging, intuitive interface, secure and feature-rich iPhone app development services. We at Magicbyte Solutions have a team of iOS application developers who constantly research, evaluate and code on Apple’s latest features. We try and solve real-life issues and replace traditional business processes on iPad and iPhone devices with responsive, industry standard code, and highly-usable solutions as iOS apps.

To bring out the best for our clients’ project requirements, we provide app consultation, UI/UX design, Solution architecture, development, and server-side support services for the iOS platform.

Why Invest In An iPhone App?

  • Superior UX

    iPhone apps have the benefit of delivering a superior user experience, with a fluid feel and look. Whether it is photos, videos, or music, our iPhone apps promise an experience which is unmatched.

  • High ROI

    The iPhone apps serve the benefit of high ROI for a business as these lift up the business reach manifold as well and add more to its value. These make a lucrative investment and produce high returns in the coming time.

  • Loyal User Base

    The brand in itself shows that how big the userbase it can have. It has a loyal user base that presents a significant opportunity for businesses that invest in iPhone apps. These apps come up to be a smart way to take advantage of the global popularity of the iPhone.

  • Development Process

    With fewer devices and iOS versions to serve, iPhone app development is easier and less time-consuming. These apps are easier to create and test, which means that a business can have one prepared in a shorter time period.

  • Robust Security

    iOS is equivalent to security, which makes these solutions the best for enterprises that want to protect their personal data and transactions. As a platform, iOS provides security against external threats like malware and viruses. All in all, the platform provides a complete security to keep all the tasks going at a smoother pace.

  • The App Store Edge

    iOS is equivalent to security, which makes these solutions the best for enterprises that want to protect their personal data and transactions. As a platform, iOS provides security against external threats like malware and viruses. All in all, the platform provides a complete security to keep all the tasks going at a smoother pace.

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We Provide the Following Services

We at Magicbyte Solutions have a team of seasoned developers who outshine at providing exceptional iphone app development services to meet every client’s requirement. We are capable of offering wide-ranging solutions, no matter what the necessities are:

  • iPhone App UI/UX Design

    We craft simple and intuitive UI designs that are focused on delivering high-end user experiences. With the specially designed expert team, we excel at grid-based designs, split screen apps and more. With our iphone app development services, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction regarding the app designing and presentation.

  • Custom iOS App Development

    Delivery of simple and intuitive designs are focused upon. We ensure to deliver high-end user experiences. The designing team confirm that the users receive what they want. With the fastest growing technology, we assure a perfect custom-designed iOS App Development.

  • Native App Development

    As an iOS developer, the users can program in native languages such as Swift or Objective-C or build cross-platform native applications using - React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# & F#). We make sure that the users receive what they want in regard to the Native App Development. Along with it, for native mobile app development on iOS, with the brand, we recommend using the modern Swift programming language.

  • App Development For Apple Watch

    We validate that the users receive a simple yet modest design for Apple watches. We use cutting-edge technology that works in favor of the clients. Receiving essential information from the observations without any complication is our main motive while designing the app.

  • Enterprise iPhone Applications

    At Magicbyte Solutions, we make sure to organize the next generation of apps to the enterprise. The users receive tools and resources to modify the mobile workforce with enterprise-class apps, allocated seamlessly and protectively within the organization.

  • Games Development

    As a responsible app developing company, we assure our clients to receive an unmatched gaming experience. Swift, robust, and intuitive programming language is what we seek to provide to our clients.

  • M-Commerce Applications

    With the rising trends of e-commerce and M-commerce, we make sure to provide an easy iphone app development services for the same. Visual search, advanced personalization, and great experience are the parameters we take into consideration.

  • Social Media Applications

    They have the fastest-growing demand across and building these apps for iOS, we try and offer the users the best experience of their lifetimes. With a great UI experience plus an ease of navigation, we totally rely on advanced techniques and tools.

  • Location-Based Applications

    Our team of experts makes sure to design the best location-based applications to provide ease to the clients to find their way to the destination conveniently. A quick response plus the benefit of receiving the desired results are the aspects we keep our focus centered.

  • IoT Applications

    For providing the best experience of IoT applications to the iPhone users, we make sure to develop IoT apps with utmost efficiency. With the rising trend of IoT, we at Magicbyte Solutions ensure to keep the users updated.

  • Mobile Payment Applications

    Online payments have mounted up to a great extent and keeping that in mind, we make sure the users receive the best of experience through the Mobile Payment Apps in iOS. The ease of receiving and sending payments have now become seamless with the best-designed apps by Magicbyte Solutions.

  • API Integration

    We open up new sources of data and make your client’s mobile experience amazing. Now, they can learn to download, integrate data from remote web APIs and then leverage it in your iOS applications.

Our iOS Mobile App Designing & Development Process

  • 1
    • Knowing the client
    • Recognizing Project Possibility
    • Propose solution
    • Work on Requirements
  • 2
    Wireframing & Designing
    • Comprehensive sketches
    • Include client necessities
    • UX/UI design
  • 3
    • A swift approach is used
    • Analyzing challenges
    • Identifying costs
  • 4
    Testing And QA
    • Testing the performance
    • Testing the submission process
    • Reporting bugs
  • 5
    Post-Launch Support
    • Infusion of feedbacks
    • Chat & phone support
    • All day customer support

Tools And Technologies

iOS App Development tools are modern technologies referred to as a varied set of tools and programming languages that are used to develop apps for iPad and iPhone devices. The tools and technologies are specific to each task involved in iPad and iPhone app development.

  • Balsamiq
  • Invision
  • Mocks
  • Appgyver
  • Acorn
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • C
  • OCmock
  • XCTest
  • KIF
  • Kiwi
  • Specta
  • ApplePay
  • BrainTree
  • Google Wallet