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Now, enhance customer engagement with the excellent LiveChat Integration by Magicbyte Solutions

Live Chat Integration

LiveChat Integrations Services

LiveChat is known to be an offline customer service software with live support, web analytics capabilities and help desk software. It was launched in the year 2002 and is presently developed and offered in a SaaS business model by LiveChat Software. It is used to elevate sales as well as customer satisfaction positively.

Live Chat Integrations

Main Benefits of LiveChat Integrations

  • Live Chat Integration

    Reduce Expenses

  • Live Chat Integration

    Increases Sales

  • Live Chat Integration

    Improvise Customer Service and Loyalty

Live Chat Integration
  • Live Chat Integration

    Discover Customer Pain Points effectively

  • Live Chat Integration

    Faster Issue Resolution

  • Live Chat Integration

    Customer Convenience

Magicbyte Solutions is here to help in setting up LiveChat! How?
Let’s read on

Our LiveChat Optimization Process

Let's see how we optimize Our LiveChat Integration
Live Chat Integration


Live Chat Integration

Install live chat code and develop a plan

Planning is the most important activity one should have his or her focus on before starting any project. After installing the Live Chat, start developing a plan of action that can help in increasing sales in the future.


Live Chat Integration

Take adequate time to brand and customize your setup

Now, as we have a good plan for the live chat, the next step would be to customize the live chat design to sync with the present website design.


Live Chat Integration

Never stop training

After branding and customizing the setup, it is important to implement the chat successfully. It is good to train the chat agents on communicating with the customers better. We recommend offering chat services to the users who have the best agents that can deliver positive results.


Live Chat Integration

Customized invitations

This is another very important feature of LiveChat. The robust customized invitation feature in the app enables the users to keep them connected. Setting it up is easier and being in connection comes up to simpler than ever. Starting with it can begin the conversations better.


Live Chat Integration

Measure your success

Now, it is important that you measure and improve the LiveChat as it is crucial to the success of the campaign. Make sure you define accountability and set up a plan to measure chat agent’s performance regularly.


Live Chat Integration

Understand your KPIs

The KPI should aid your know-how about how effective the campaign has been so far. If you see a specific metric to improve, work on the same to ensure that you have the best result, in fact, it is good to focus on one or a few metrics at a specific time.

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Live Chat Integration