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Terms And Conditions

MagicByte Solutions gets to work upon receiving a down payment for a project. The client is billed for the remaining amount upon project completion until otherwise specified in writing. Websites go live when the project is completed & all the money has been received. If applicable, Monthly payments are required for hosting & domain name registration fees. Additional services have a price, either per service or on an hourly basis. If customers require more services, the relevant fee is added to their invoices and charged to them.

Project completion delays could happen if:

  • Payments are delayed in any way.

  • The client asks for additional modifications to the project's designs, structure, or content. The potential client purchases an extra project-related service.

  • Any materials from the client are being received slowly.

  • Time frame estimates are approximate merely & are subject to modification at any time at MagicByte Solutions' discretion. MagicByte Solutions reserves the right to opt to postpone a project at any time and its sole discretion

We ascertain complete satisfaction with each one of our services. Until our clients are entirely satisfied with their solutions, we continue working. That is our commitment. It is entirely at MagicByte Solutions' discretion to determine whether or not a request or expectation is acceptable or lies within the scope of the services it is offering to its client, but under no circumstances will it be held liable for fulfilling unreasonable expectations or requests. For instance, if a client orders a certain service, but MagicByte Solutions determines that an additional service is required just for the client to be completely satisfied, then MagicByte Solutions is no longer obligated to provide it to the client. According to MagicByte Solutions' comprehension, this means that MagicByte Solutions promises complete client satisfaction within the parameters of its original agreement with the client.

Client-approved Services or part of services (i.e. elements of a project) are regarded as services with which the client is completely happy. Any additional work on these services (elements/components of the project) will result in an invoice.

All project statuses are changed to "completed" after 3 months (counted from the first payment date) unless specifically stated otherwise. This indicates that the project will be completed and won't undergo any more work. This does not apply to hosting & domain name registration services, which are offered only following the client's payments and without regard to the current status of the project.

If the consumer is not satisfied with MagicByte Solutions’ Services, the client can request a refund on any unused monies. After conducting a review, MagicByte Solutions will be pleased to issue a refund.

About data processing for credit cards

Please remember that MagicByte Solutions always does the following to address security concerns:

Uses adequate physical, electronic, and managerial measures to protect and secure the information it collects both online and offline. These measures prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and guarantee the proper use of data

Utilizes the services of reputable third-party companies to maintain payment gateway-secured encryptions and credit card information for the websites of its customers. These companies charge their customers monthly fees and/or fees per transaction. Based on the amount of the client's online transactions, the majority of such companies offer a variety of fee structures to best meet the demands of the client's business.

About this website

Prices on this website are liable to vary at any time and without warning. These costs are provided for informational purposes only; MagicByte Solutions is not obligated to use them for your project.

Promotional deals cannot be combined.

The images displayed on this website are all just representational.

About MagicByte Solutions web design projects & offices

For the content of the websites it creates and/or hosts, MagicByte Solutions disclaims any liability. There are no data, materials, or products that MagicByte Solutions is in charge of. The clients of MagicByte Solutions are merely responsible for everything found on their websites; MagicByte Solutions does not act as a consultant for them.

Websites constantly display differently on different computers due to the nature of the web development and design effort. The operating system, browsing software, and screen resolution are merely a few instances of factors that could influence how a website appears. These potential variations must be known by the client, and MagicByte Solutions will not be held liable for them.