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Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions stated herein delineate important aspects regarding customer’s use of MagicByte Solutions website. “www.magicbytesolutions.com” is an associate of MagicByte Solutions, and a platform to build customers’ relationship with “MagicByte Solutions”.

Customers should read the terms and conditions carefully as they contain important instructions and information pertaining to our rights to change its norms, duration, fees for early termination, limitations of liability, privacy, and settlement of disputes by arbitration instead of in court etc.

If customer accepts these terms and conditions, it will apply to all the online marketing services & solutions provided by “MagicByte Solutions”. Customers’ acceptance of these terms & conditions will imply their willingness to agree upon everything laid in this document.


We declare that all the services displayed and entities published on www.magicbytesolutions.com such as website design, content, logo, images, trademarks, reviews, layout etc. are only property of MagicByte Solutions. The complete data is secured under intellectual property and copyright laws. MagicByte Solutions do not authorize anybody to copy, use, transfer, exploit, modify or dispense any such property of MagicByte Solutions for any sort of commercial or non-commercial purpose. Without receiving a written consent from our side nobody is authorized to deploy our name and logo for promotional activities. We preserve all rights to review and revise our “Terms & Conditions”, URL name and other modifications in services without any previous notice. Without informing you, we are free to alter terms & conditions, services, warranties and other specifications. You are inhibited to post or transmit any content that is unlawful, harassing, pornographic, obscene or defamatory material which may inspire misbehavior. It will be measured as a criminal offense and desired legal action will be taken.


If you fail to adhere to the terms, conditions, agreements, notices and rights conferred upon, while in a deal with MagicByte, your contract will be deemed terminated from immediate effect. Instant termination of the material that is downloaded, controlled or is in your possession will be done without prior intimation. Through acceptance to this “Terms & Conditions” Policy, you agree that you will be responsible for any misconduct, if initiated from your end and will put in the best efforts to protect MagicByte Solutions as well as its affiliates, business partners, employees, agents, licensors, joint ventures and third-party info providers.


MagicByte Solutions bear the sole entitlement to revise their policy disclaimers at any time. Hence, we do not assure any non-infringement. If you continue the use of website without considering the updates and encounter any problem due to it, we will not be responsible for it. Your continuous use of the website will be considered as your acceptance to the applied modifications and updates.