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In-Depth Interviews

Discussion is the first and most preferred step used for gathering information. Contradictory to close ended interviews, in-depth interviews, maximises the scope for respondents to analyse and put forth their point of view in accordance to their experience or thought. Back to back follow-ups and desire for additional information enables interviewers to summarize all the information significant for the research outcome. Such interviewing styles are interesting as it helps to analyse the root cause of any problem.

To deliver confirmed and result oriented answers, we at MagicByte Solutions understand the seriousness of analysing the depth of a detailed research. The observation of the research curriculum is established by testing the mindset and personality towards basic problems and finally resolving them.

Our Approach

  • Determine goals and develop the relevant Target Group.
  • Depth Interviews are respondent centric making provisions for them to do the maximum talking.
  • To get maximum data from the respondent they are comforted with rapport building techniques.
  • Modifying and improvising ensures additional insights.
  • Documenting interviews helps to maintain records for future usage.


  • Competent interviewers developing a healthy rapport with the respondents.
  • Insightful, inquisitive analytical and interesting discussion to evaluate valuable information.
  • Documentation of interviews by experts.
  • Maintaining a concise report of the interview in the desired style.