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As the name goes, F2F research is wherein the questioner meets face to face with the subject and catches their reactions on a bit of paper or a tablet or a workstation during the survey, while considering the topography and customs of the target group. With the advent of new commodities and services in the market, an exclusive need of community interaction has risen with a goal to catch constant and authentic opinion and information from the public. Close and personal meeting strategies are tremendously sorted out to gather authentic update about likes and dislikes of different sections of society.

Our reach to the specialty section and explicit presence in APAC, EMEA, LATAM& N. AMERICA has rendered us valuable in doing this approach effectively. A decent on-ground approach enables our research experts to carry out an effective and consistent information gathering while holding fast to the parameters of the MRS (Market Research Society).

Our Approach

  • Examining TGand decide prime area for Intercept.
  • Booking and Recruiting Target Group over the telephone.
  • Appointments and Data Entry through Experienced Representatives.
  • Starting Set-Up two days earlier to actual work initiation for Central Location Tests and Mall Intercepts.
  • Interpretation, translation (counting editing by locals) and information explanations of Open Ends.
  • Report in PPT/Excel as per customer's decision

Why Us

  • Capacity to distinguish and contact special Target Groups.
  • Deep penetration into the local segment which is otherwise difficult to reach through telephone or email.
  • Experienced Moderators guarantee quality information as respondent are often familiar with the Questionnaire.
  • Respondents self-direct the survey under the inspection of the Moderator, thus diminishing any one-sided information yield.