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What is CSS OR CSS3 ?

CSS manages the look and feel section of a website page. By means of CSS, designer can manage the colour of the text, the space mark between the paragraphs, the style of the fonts, the way columns are displayed and deployed, what images or colours are accessed, layout formats, and changes in the display for separate devices and monitor sizes also as a range of other effects.

CSS is simple to learn and know but it offers powerful control over the arrangement of an HTML file. Most frequently, CSS is a mutual collection with the markup languages like the HTML or XHTML.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is kind of style sheet language utilized for relating the look and doing formatting of a file written in the markup language. CSS3 is a newest version of the CSS older versions (CSS2). The major difference between CSS2 and CSS3 is as mentioned:

  • Colour
  • Namespaces
  • Media Queries
  • Selectors Level 3
  • CSS3 Modules

CSS3 is association of CSS2 terms and new terms, we can refer this association as a module. Some of the CSS3modules are given below

  • User Interface
  • Box Model
  • Selectors
  • Text Effects
  • Image Values and Replaced Content
  • Backgrounds
  • 2D Transformations
  • Animations
  • 3D Transformations
  • Multiple Column Layout