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What is PHP ?

PHP is a server-side scripting language planned for web development purposes, but also taken in use as a common function programming language. At first developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994, now the PHP is a most popular server scripting language for web application development.

When developed a web site or web application in PHP , it consists of a PHP Framework , a database  and some files that is some web pages which may be .html file or .php file or .htm file. A PHP Framework is generally a platform that lets us to create the web applications. In simple expressions, it offers structure. With the support of using a PHP Framework, you will definitely save a plenty of your time, restricting the requirement to create repetitive code, and you'll be capable to create applications fast.

PHP is mainly present for the server-side scripting, thus you can perform anything that any CGI application program can perform, like the collect form of the data, create dynamic page file, or the send-receive cookies service. However, PHP can do many more. A comment line the PHP code, is simply a line which is not read or executed as kind of the program code. Its only work is to be go through by someone that is searching at the software code. Comments are basically to allow others know what you are working.

PHP is as safe as any other main programming language. The trouble with the PHP is also the trouble with each single other programming language. Programmer can write apprehensive software code in it," programmer underlines its point, "however that's a basic difficulty in all major programming language. The working of safety is not only on the language.