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What is HTML OR HTML5 ?

HTML5 is the newest mode of Hypertext Markup Language, the software code that designs the web pages. It's basically three types of code that is: HTML that offers the structure; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that take responsibility of the presentation and the last one is JavaScript that makes things work.

HTML5 is basically a Markup language used for designing and displaying the data content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth version and newest version of the HTML language standard.

HTML5 helps in designing accessible websites simpler for two major causes that is the: semantics and ARIA. The ARIA is basically a W3C specification that is generally used to allocate particular “roles” to elements in the HTML document basically creating vital landmarks on the web page like: header, navigation or article, footer, through role attributes.
HTML5 is a wide range of latest technologies being employed in maximum number of browsers. It comprises of the video playback, drag-and-drop service, a drawing surface, geo location, animation, CSS transforms, GPU support, SVG, Web fonts, quicker JavaScript, as well as the WebGL.

HTML5 benefits: The mentioned are the benefits of HTML5. Cleaner mark-up as well as the improved software code: HTML5 will allow web experts to use cleaner and the neat code. We can eliminate div tags and swap them with the semantic HTML5 essentials.

HTML5 video is planned by its developer to become the latest standard way to display video on the web, in its place of the earlier effectively standard of using the fixed Adobe Flash insertion, via early adoption was laden by lack of conformity as to which video coding arrangement and audio coding arrangement should be supported in.