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A focused gathering is a type of subjective research wherein a group of people from varied ethnicity and origin are asked certain questions about a particular product, service, concept and idea. It is indeed an interactive group session in which people interact with the other group members and share their opinions, ideas and feedbacks. External stimuli act as catalyst to trigger the desired response from the people in the group and market reports are prepared.

Our Approach

Our FGD office is outfitted with all advanced and mandatory conveniences and steady strategic accomplices crosswise over APAC, EMEA, LATAM& N. AMERICA. An intensive understanding of the research business and our pool of vital collaborators helps us cross any barrier between significant members and information bits of knowledge. MagicByte Solutions’ Research Groups gather information and interprets how an individual holds a feeling conveying all the perception which can encourage a scientist to determine the changes which should be brought about in the structure, design or formulation of a product or service.


  • Closed and personal Interviewer Training Room
  • Meeting Room with One path mirror to approximately fit in 10 to 15 members.
  • Simultaneous translation and interpretation.
  • Organized setting for one-on-one meetings or in small groups with experienced Moderators to observe the process.
  • Dual audio facility (circumspectly set mouthpieces).
  • Wide table (medium to huge FG), wide screen HD Monitor/TV with High Speed and Wireless Internet Connectivity.
  • Complete Office Support Available with Telephone and Laser Printer area.