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A 3 Step Process to Refine Your Keyword Researches in 2019

Search engines are evolving and so are keyword researches! Regardless of your building up an efficacious SEO strategy, gathering information to accomplish a project, etc., keyword research matters a lot. Serving as an effective foundation for almost every small to big project, this simple yet significant task enables you to get clear ideations about what are the internet surfers actually searching for.


Operative keyword research not only eliminates the guesswork but also delivers great objectivity based on the real behavior of users. Working as a professional at the Best Local SEO Services Company India, I often confront requests to deploy specific words just because they appear relevant to the particular positioning brand. Well, this isn’t correct, content that we are about to add in searches must be created after attaining mirror-image of our customers’ need.


The online stage is inundated with a lot of articles and blogs participating as guides to offer information about keyword research. But all are not efficient. Moreover, some can be so complex that it is quite arduous to comprehend them. To keep the readers away from such difficulties & ambiguities, I have summarized a modest and straightforward 3-step procedure that ensures success by refining the keyword search effectively.    


Process to Refine your Keyword Search in 2019


Each step has been provided with statistics encompassing tools, tactics, & even manpower needed to extract as much as possible from the process.


1st: Brainstorm Themes


The foremost step is pertaining to capture ideas that articulate ‘what really your brand deals in’ from the perspective of not just you but also different stakeholders. Track everything covering what sort of buckets your business’ products fall into, what you want to promote or vend, is there anything additional you desire for except selling, etc.


Once accomplished with the initial stage i.e. brainstorming, rationalize the obtained statistics into a manageable inventory with at least 5 themes. These are the target themes that you will need in the next stage while generating a list of fine keywords. If you are owning a company that renders services related to Fashion, you can try out the words like:


⇒ Best Grooming

⇒ Best Footwear

⇒ Best Sale

⇒ Best Attire

⇒ Best Makeup

Best Accessories


2nd: Generate Keywords:


This step is pertaining to discover and gather words or phrases online visitors are deploying in order to find out your brand’s products & services. The summary that outlines themes from preceding stage will ensure a better starting in regards to research keywords in detail and more remarkably. Moving further, this stage needs some keyword research tools. Considering your budget, you can choose any of the many vital tools accessible online. Besides paid, you can also go for the free ones. Some of the excellent ones that most of the local SEO services companies  prefer are as follows:


⇒ Moz

⇒ SEMRush

⇒ Ubersuggest

⇒ io

⇒ Google Keyword Planner


Diagnosing the ideas and themes along with the words from the first step, pick up the keywords that you feel searchers will realistically look for. Plug the selected keywords into the research tools & review the outcomes. This won’t bestow you with definitive inventory but provide guidance on which search terms you should continue with and which you need to modify.


The final task in this stage is to serve all your keywords with search volumes. Though search volume can never be exact yet its addition is important to carry out the next step of grouping & filtering i.e. prioritizing the keywords.


local SEO services companies


Overall from 2nd Stage:


Objective: To create an inventory incorporating all relevant keywords.

Tools: Free and/or paid search tools.  

Manpower: Colleagues and agencies in same industry. 


3rd: Group & Filter:  


After having the list of sponsored keywords, the final stage asks you to group & filter it into an actionable inventory that proves beneficial in identifying the core areas to focus. The main categories cover:


⇒ Brand terms: Search terms related to your brand, products, and/or services

⇒ Primary terms: High-volume and popular terms that will influence your main themes

⇒ Secondary terms: Phrases combining 2 or 3 keywords associated with primary term & categories or sub-categories, not the product.

⇒ Content-led terms: Phrases combining 2 or 3 keywords not directly associated with services or products but can be utilized to build up content related to your area of expertise.


Overall from 3rd Stage:


Objective: Prioritize keyword

Tools: Google Trends

Manpower: Colleagues and agencies in the digital industry.


Hope, the above-given guide will bless you with a robust list of keywords that appear amongst the most searched ones and ensure success for your business. We, mavens at the best Local SEO Services Company India are always there to aid if anything prevents you from implementing the tweaks & getting profitable outcomes. 

All the best!   

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