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A Beginner’s Guide to Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Rankings

Who doesn’t love Freebies? Especially when this free thing can get you high traffic, rankings, leads, ROI and Sales. Right? Luckily, there are tons of free SEO tools which can come to your rescue. However, the smartest and fastest way to improve your website rankings is with the help of SEO tools. Furthermore, if we fast forward to SEO marketing, you should focus on SEO Audit and Keyword Research. Bottom Line, when we sum up the top free SEO tools’ collection, then let us tell you they are effective, easy-to-use, powerful, smooth-running, and intuitive.

What Does SEO Tools Mean?

SEO Tools helps in optimizing content and assists in acquiring high rankings in the search engine results page. These tools will analyze content for backlinks, keywords and also other SEO considerations. On top of everything, SEO Tools also provide information on keywords and backlinks and as well as give insights related to cut-throat competition in the market. Therefore, without a further ado, let’s dive in and have a look at the list of free SEO Tools.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the online marketing tool that we will highly recommend you. There is no other tool that provides high-quality and detailed information like Google Analytics does. It is the Google domination world, and this is what it has in store for you. Most of the SEO tools rely on Google’s data using the application and programming interface. And you just can’t ignore actionable and important data about traffic and site visitors that is provided by Google Analytics.


Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is a masterpiece, and it can be an all-inclusive SEO tool which is designed to help you win the game-changing landscape of SEO. Ubersuggest tool will big-time help you by telling you what you’re doing, what your competitors are up to. The icing on the cake is it will guide you how to mould your strategy according to industry ups and downs. Moreover, getting started with Ubersuggest is pretty simple; you just need to type a domain or keyword in the search bar. You just can’t overlook the potential of Ubersuggest when it solely comes to keyword search. The best attribute is it is an excellent alternative to the Google Keyword Planner tool. So what are you waiting for? Go and take the full advantage of this SEO tool.


Google Keyword Planner: With just a click on the search button, you will get hundreds of searches with the mere use of Google Keyword Planner. You just have to enter a keyword or group of keywords into the tool, and Google Keyword Planner tool will return with all sorts of helpful statistics. It includes search volume, high ranking keywords and also the suggested terms that might not have discovered.


Search Console: Search console is one of the useful tools, and it’s pretty hard to imagine working on SEO without getting access to the data inside Google’s Search Console. This is how the search console comes in the picture, and it turns out to be the most reliable information provider. This is how Google crawls and ranks your website, and it is the best place to get reliable keyword data. With just a glance at the dashboard, you will come to know how to use this tool since the interface is pretty straightforward. In a nutshell, Google Search Console offers the same data as Analytics in a non-complicated way.

search console

Wrapping Up

If you’re serious about SEO, it’s to up your game. And you can acquire this with the help of award-winning SEO agency and the right SEO tools. You won’t be able to do this without investing, therefore without wasting a single minute take MagicByte Solutions onboard. Also, do let us know what other free SEO tools you found useful, we will surely add them in the list.


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