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Actionable SEO Tips : How to Improve Your Search Rankings in Simple Steps

If you are looking for ways to improve search rankings, then you are at the right place. In mandate to achieve higher rankings, you need stellar Actionable SEO tips and techniques that work like magic. And the one’s which we have mentioned below will assuredly help you in attaining best of results. Google’s RankBrain is an algorithm that basically uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to rank search engines based on feedback from the user experience. This new algorithm is altogether a game-changer, and in order to impress Google, you need to keep a follow-up of Actionable SEO Tips. In this blog post, we will walk you through a list of easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement Actionable SEO Tips that proves to be phenomenal for your SEO campaign. We are presenting tried and tested SEO tips that guarantee sure-short results. Have a Look!

List of Actionable SEO Tips that Can Work Wonders

  • Improve Title and Meta Descriptions: If you want to boost CTR, then improve your titles and descriptions first. SEO is not all about rankings because it doesn’t matter whether you rank number one for a keyword with thousands of monthly searches. Read this attentively when we say this.You won’t get traffic unless people actually click on your page in the search results. Therefore, you have to optimize for clicks. The two pivotal things that affect your click-through rate are Title Tag and Meta Description. These are HTML tags that show in the search results. For winning that one single click you have to make efforts. Make them attractive and compelling by including relevant words, by making your USP clear and by aligning them with search intent. Also, remember no matter how hard you work, sometimes, things don’t fall into place. People won’t click on your site in the search results. Stay consistentas at the end of every tunnel, there is always a ray of light. What you can do is you can find the keywords for which you rank on the first page and look for the ones that have the near to ground CTR. Emphasis on improving the title tags and descriptions of the associated pages as well. Enhance underperforming pages andyou can do that with the help of internal links. Basically,backlinks are extracted from other pages and then they are used on the website. It is imperative because they create authority and it will help in influencing Google Rankings. Make a good interlinking structure as it will back up your website and will make it stronger.

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  • Make sure you target and Optimize Right Keywords: Most of the Digital Marketing Agency in Australia makes mistakes as they fail to optimize any keywords, either they optimize too many keywords, or some of them optimize for irrelevant keywords. You can fix the first two mistakes by the following ways: Each post on your website should target and emphasis on one primary keyword. And also make sure that you avoid targeting the same keyword on multiple pages. We are saying this because Google usually chooses one page to rank, and it shouldn’t be the one that you do not want to rank.

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  • Work on Backlinks: Acquiring backlinks is not an easy feat. Suppose you have spent enormous time, money and efforts on the backlink and if you get dead pages, this thing hurts the most specially to the professional experts of SEO Company in Australia. In a nutshell, such links are wasted as dead page technically no longer exist. You could fix by reinstating the dead page if it was accidentally deleted. After that redirect (301) the dead page to another relevant page.


  • Steal Keywords from Your Competitor’s Site: You can search for keywords that are driving the competitor’s search traffic, those who work in the same line of business. It will definitely help as the driving force behind their success is ranked keywords. You can get an idea from them and can later make it work for your website. You can do this by entering your competitor’s domain and then go to the Organic keywords report. Then you will get the list of keywords that your competitors are ranking for.
  • Write Informative Content For the Most Asked Questions: One of the best Actionable SEO tips is to find out the questions that needed answersYou can find the most asked questions on the Quora and can then write compelling content for them. Give the best shot at the content that caters to answer the query of the visitor in an enriching way.
  • Optimize Your Website: You have to optimize your website for Google RankBrain. Google RankBrain is Google’s first machine learning algorithm and it turns out to be totally a game-changer. It basically measures how the website interacts with the results on the first page. More the happier Google is with your website, the more higher it will rank your website. The real question that strike is how we are going to optimize the website for Google RankBrain? You can do it by improving the organic click-through-rate (CTR); this update needs to see that loads of people are clicking on your website. To get more clicks, you mustadd numbers to your title and description tags like ’10 Actionable SEO Tips.’ As people click on a link whose title contains the number and by adopting this approach, you can improve your CTR.

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  • Publish Longer Content: We can’t deny the fact that longer content always stands higher amongst the 300-length blog post. According to the research, content with a word length of 1,890 words rank higher on the first page of Google. There is no doubt when we say this, yes longer content is mobile-friendly. Now let’s come straight to the point that why longer posts work? It is because Google finds that it provides in-depth information to the searchers. Long posts work like a charm and trust us when we say this.
  • Write Compelling and Kick-Ass Introduction:If you attain that one single click on your website link, then next what? You have just won the half battle, and next, you have to grasp the attention of the visitor so that they remain on your page for a longer time. If he/she finds nothing, then they will turn their head towards the competitor’s page. The only thing that can entice users is compelling Introduction content. Win the heart of the visitor by serving them engaging and enriching content. Tips for writing outstanding Intro: Make it short, crisp and simple, Give them the gist about your services and try to grasp their attention. In outline, hook them in. Also, don’t forget that nothing will work until your page answer all queries for which it has been ranked.


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What’s next? Get On a Board Award-Winning SEO Company in Australia 

Till now, you must be acquainted with a wide spectrum of Actionable SEO tips that you can utilize to attain fruitful results. But coping up with them requires consistent efforts, in-depth knowledge, time, and we must mention that most of the people fail at this point. So, it’s better to invest in a credible and trustworthy Digital marketing agency in Australia just like Magicbyte Solutions.We work round-the-clock to improve the digital presence of our clientele’s business. We always stay one step ahead, and in this way, we win the hearts of our esteemed customers and as well as of Google’s search engine ranking page.


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