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An Insight Into Top SEO Trends 2020 That You Can’t Ignore!

If you want to stay on the top of search engine results, then follow these fantastic SEO trends 2020. Google comes with hundreds of search algorithms and updates every year, and if you don’t keep an adequate follow up of them, then it could further affect the search rankings of the website. Every day new businesses are born and put their footstep forward in the competitive landscape of the industry. New Year requires a new strategy and it wants you to cope up with the latest trends set up by Google and other search engines as well. Try to embed a holistic approach in your strategy as it is 2020, and it requires both online and offline marketing strategies to get ahead further. Therefore, we would suggest you to hire an SEO Company in Australia that helps you to break the glass ceiling and take your website ranking to soar heights. Have a look at the top SEO trends, which will further help in dominating the Search engine result page ranking. These trends will generate prodigious ROI and fruitful results. Each and every business should know-about these mentioned top trends in 2020.

 Trends That Are Ready to Make A Change: SEO Trends for 2020

Substantial Increase in Value of Long Tail Keywords & Voice Search In 2020 voice search has become unprecedentedly popular as people are too lazy to type the whole sentence of what they are actually looking on the Internet. According to statistics, even in 2019, 20% of mobile queries came from voice searches. Mostly people search queries on Google in the way they speak. Therefore long-tail keywords come in the picture, and users look for the exact answers to their questions. Voice queries are mostly local; accordingly, all businesses should optimize their website for local SEO in 2020.

Market Your Website with the Help of Influencers

The trend of 2020 is to use influencers marketing for SEO strategies. The prominence of influencer marketing is increasing gradually, and most of the companies are investing and allocating budget for this type of marketing. Particularly those companies which has beauty, fashion, e-commerce, travel and lifestyle line of business. People are always looking for credible promotion of the product or services from the mouth of someone who is highly famous. Before buying something, users check the review of the products and trust on the word-of-mouth of someone who is genuine. So, basically when we talk about SEO  trends and influencer marketing, then the connection is drawn in a way that this method of marketing helps in attracting traffic and increasing the online visibility and goodwill of the company. To attain the best results, partner with influencers in your niche who have credibility in the market and already have a large audience base. Also most important is backlinks which you get from influencers sites that shows reliability to Google and which further enhances your SEO efforts.

Snippets Dominating the Search Engine Results

Google gives preference to snippets which is a summary of the reply to a user search query. Google always displays such snippet at the top of SERP result that too above organic and paid advertisements. Users need short cuts so that they don’t require to open all the pages in order to search for the answer to their queries. Users need ready-to-eat food; therefore, most of the search results are not clicked because users get the answers directly from SERPs. According to reports, snippets gain more traffic that also from the first organic search result. From now, every business should include an emphasis on question-based queries and keywords. Try to provide answers to the ‘people also ask’ section as it drives more traffic.

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  • Images and Video is the new King of Content & SEO Strategy
  • Google search engine prefer video and images with content. Backing up content with visuals is the key since it is more preferred by users. Also as per research, video is 50 times more in the cards to show up on the first page and top of SERP than a web page with only simple content. Try to incorporate YouTube videos that cater to content present on your website. Whenever google index, your video your website will enjoy higher traffic.
  • Let Content-Length Outshine and Determine Search Rankings
  • High-quality and compelling content will help in ranking your website better. But feed-in mind your content should be more in length as it is more preferred so keep it generally higher than 1000 and maximum 2000-word limit. Web pages with long-form content enjoy most of the visibility and also it helps in escalating dwell time.
  • Mobile Search Takes Over Search Engine Rankings

Google brought changes in its algorithm by including the mobile-first indexing in 2019, and from then, there is no turning back as it helps in improving the mobile search experience. Your website presence can’t reach heights until you have optimized it for mobile. Make your website responsive so that it can adjust as per screen sizes.

SEO Trends 2020

Don’t Get Left Behind: Hire First Rated Digital Marketing Agency for SEO Services

When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends, then MagicByte Solutions never stays behind. Out-dated strategies never serve any business in long-run; hence, your company needs the best SEO Company in Australia that adapts and evolves along with trends. MagicByte Solutions’ qualified and certified SEO experts go through the list of Google’s ever-changing algorithms and gets acquainted with it comprehensively before brainstorming and implementing any SEO strategy. After carrying out extensive research, then only on the basis of modifications and alterations, we design stellar and unrivalled strategies which guarantee 100% thriving results.


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