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Ultimate Guide: How Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Digital Marketing holds a big place for every marketing technique since it also encompasses social media marketing. In the digital era of marketing and advertising, digital marketing turns out to be a “Jack Of All Trades.”

By hook or by crook, digital marketers target consumer demographics and find the best way to engage with them. Therefore, it is vital to know the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing. Digital Marketing includes all the marketing techniques used to build awareness and credibility, which helps increase engagement on digital platforms. This comprises of web marketing, email marketing, SEM, SEO, mobile marketing and social media marketing. Well, if you don’t know how digital marketing works, instead of wasting your time gaining knowledge and expertise, you can hire the best Digital Marketing Agency.

The only difference between digital and social media marketing is: Internet tries to reach out to masses in the offline world too by means of digital marketing. On the other hand, social media is narrowed down to the boundaries of the Internet. Digital Marketing includes tons of components such as Internet Advertising, Email Marketing, while a social media strategy includes social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media marketing is not so latest in digital marketing. It includes promoting your brand, creating word-of-mouth-referral and engaging on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and Snapchat.

Social media marketing includes promoting content across multiple channels, and moreover, it is limited to internet only. Now, let’s dive in and see the advantages of using social media in your marketing campaigns. There are numerous advantages of utilizing social media for promoting both offline and online product and services. If you have a huge audience, then you should post on a recurrent basis on Facebook, and your message will reach thousands of users around the World. Social media is the best way to announce the new product line or any addition of services to the list. You can also make an announcement of any sale or promotional discount you are offering. Even if you don’t have a large fan base, you can still put your message across the relevant people in order to promote your product or service. Social media is also suitable for SEO as it helps you get more traffic on your website. Therefore, create a proper social media account which can help you to boost SEO rankings. You cannot ignore the format of social media promotions if you really want to stay close to your customers. Social media also lets you know whether your customers liked the post or not based on the number of likes, comments, retweets, and sharing. It is better to hire a digital marketing agency which helps you engage with your potential customers.

Now, let’s address the question: which is more important digital marketing or social media: It totally depends on the product, services and brand you want to promote.

There are cases where other digital marketing techniques will be more appropriate to build awareness than social media. However, social media works for every product, service or brand.

What if users are searching for your business on social media? Therefore, you should be present at the right time when people need you. Moreover, social media marketing will help you paint a broader picture of what customers expect from you. In a nutshell, social media keeps the users informed about upcoming new releases and new updates and additionally; it also keeps you informed about the needs of the customers. You will require the help of experienced digital marketing agency since through any means you have to know where your audience hangs out so that you are able to share the most effective messages across different channels.

Let’s look at what digital marketing strategy and campaigns have in store for you: Digital marketing offers a myriad of components that mostly belong to Internet marketing family only. Have a glance!

  1.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing): Search Engine Marketing is either done through content strategy, SEO or through paid search advertising.
  2. Social Media Promotions:  Social media promotions include paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.
  3. Mobile Marketing Promotion: In this type, the development of native apps and then submission to Apple Store and Google Play is done.
  4. Email Marketing: In this type of marketing, promotion of products or services is done via emails.

Bottom Line
Digital marketing is the present and future of marketing environment. After all, day by day, it is gaining more prominence in the offline and online world. Social media marketing is like a pathway to the heart of the users. It is a part of the digital marketing strategy, and it’s the best way to connect with other people. It’s high time to take digital marketing agency onboard and find different ways to find new customers. Your one-stop destination is MagicByte Solutions since we offer premium quality services at a reasonable price.


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