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Isn’t Your Blog Getting Traffic? We Will Tell Where Your SEO Lacking!

Are the latest statistics related to your blog’s traffic made you question yourself – why, why, and why? Do ideations such as ‘why only 10 visitors came to view my content in a last 7 days’ is frustrating you? You possibly be thinking that I have used all the basics like international to  Business SEO Strategy, attractive design of writing, interesting topic, etc., but still not getting expected result. Well! Instead of being apprehensive, find out reasons responsible for the lack of curiosity from blogosphere even if everything on your part is right.


Exhibiting as a panacea, the underneath blog will make you accustomed to common causes that abate your blogging success. Besides it, the content also encompasses a few imperative solutions to your concern.

So, with profound interest, let’s be vigilant to…

5 Most Common Reasons That Prevent Your Blog from Coming Off Well in terms of Attracting Traffic


You are self-assured that your blog is A+ and will be going to shake the world. You published it and are waiting for the apt outcomes. But, what’s this? The content you have posted after so much preparation and anticipation gets no or very low traffic! What’s wrong? Here’re the things:


    1. Weak Writing: The foremost cause ‘why your blog suffers lack of appeal’ could be weak writing. Hence, check out your post for sturdy action verbs, correct spellings, and proper grammar. If you find that your content is not lacking in any of these qualities, look at your content’s literature. As blog is a way to share your ideologies with audiences, most of the times – simplicity performs best. Your writing reflects you, therefore, be vigilant to expose yourself as an avid, intelligent, conversant, and reliable writer. Rather than filling posts with typos or ‘to be’ verbs that can make you lose visitors in long run, consider stylistic overhaul.


    1. Unfocused Strategy: Believe in refining the matter in your blogs so that these can encapsulate similar topics. If you try to sail on more than one boat at a time, the chances that you’ll sink increases manifold. In other words – if you write on different subjects i.e. on cars today, Guest Posting Services tomorrow, followed by fashion next day, you’ll not be able to establish a core of visitors. Don’t get too wide but mind not to stay very much narrow. You can pick a niche and then write on various subjects under it. For instance – If you select digital marketing, you can share tricks on relevant topics like website traffic, conversion rates, display advertising, etc.


    1. Lack of External Links: From Google algorithms and SEO perspective, relevant and good quality links are significant. As more pertinent links you cover in your blog, as higher are possibilities that your blog will rank amongst top positioners in SERPs. But be cautious about not to flood your webpage with so many links. Post links to only those websites that proffer content contribute to the conversation of your blog. Links to quality content improve the chances of attracting newcomers towards your blog.


    1. Absence of Guest Posts: Guest posting is a good way that serves blogger effectively. It is a tactic that enables you to display your content to several other opinions, thus, benefit the potential audiences that can follow guest writers. Additionally, it provides your visitors with an idea that you’re open to discussions with readers. Moreover, guest bloggers stay keen to share & promote their statistics along with your blog via their own and social media sites which clearly means more traffic for you.


  1. Impatience:-Your blog success demands constant hard work and attention. However, there’re misconceptions that many popular blogs became superstars overnight. But the truth is bloggers made them so investing time to fortifying their blogging skills. Tactics to emerge as a successful blogger or writer encapsulate eye-catching content, robust writing, and clever marketing.


Wrapping Up: Simply producing blogs isn’t enough! Content isn’t a ‘write & it will come’ kind of deal. Just writing -> publishing content & hoping that it’ll arrive with top rankings is wastage of your money and time. Good posts are vital but not automatically get traffic. Overall, in addition to writing quality content, you need to consider things that drive traffic so as to get eyeballs, shares, conversions, and ROI that you crave for. The aforementioned guide will aid you in getting rid of your blog’s weaknesses, thus, improving it to attains good traffic. However, if you are ardent to know more, take assistance from Best SEO Copywriting Services providers.

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