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SEO Audit Technique to Improve Your Search Rankings!

SEO is a fast-paced industry that keeps on evolving, just like the addition of new rules in a game by the game master. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, make the game-changing updates, so over here, they are the game master who keeps on coming with the modified and altered updates. If you are a business that is trying hard to optimize a website for organic search, it is not an easy feat to know where to begin, how in-depth your analysis should be taken forward. You must be aware of the fact website is the hub and backbone of the online brand; therefore, it is crucial to have regular checkups to assure everything is in the correct order. In this regard, one should conduct an SEO audit on a recurrent basis, the way you get your body checkup, the same way it is a health checkup of your website. Superficially, audits will help you to fix critical issues. Also, it is vital to pay heed to your competitor’s SEO activity, lay your eyes on the newest search engine’s best practices. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, what SEO audit actually is. An SEO audit is basically the process of scrutinizing and analyzing how well the web presence relates to best practices. It is the first and foremost step to create an implementation plan that will provide measurable results. The main aim of the audit is to identify foundational issues that affect organic search performance. Basically, SEO audit will reveal On-page SEO issues, Website structure issues, Technical SEO issues, User experience issues, Content gaps and opportunities, Potential off-site problems and Competitive marketplace insights. Furthermore, an audit should be comprehensive, and it should cover both structural and content components.

Consider the big picture as an SEO audit is all about seeing what is happening in the current state. Your audit should be easy to understand and self-explanatory. It should connect the dots as to how SEO issues are affecting goals, online priorities and revenue. If you lack proficiency and don’t know how SEO audit works and how they are analyzed, then take the help of SEO Services in Australia. You can use SEO tools for site audit as it will help you know which sites are dragging down your website’s organic performance. Some of the tools which you may require are Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Google Page Speed Insights, Copyscape, SERP Simulator, Web Page Word Counter and Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

Now, let’s dive in and understand why it is essential to audit your website on a regular basis. To cut a long story short, we’ve written down core elements for a successful SEO audit. There are three key elements of an SEO audit which are Back-end factors such as indexing and hosting, Front-end factors such as keywords, content and metadata, link quality and outside references. SEO experts comprehensively understand the importance of doing regular audits, but for layman who has a basic know-how of SEO, it may sound like a cumbersome and time-consuming task. If you are looking for SEO tips about how to perform an audit, then you are at the right place. Also, in the latter part of the blog, you will get to know why it is essential to perform an SEO audit. The areas which SEO Audit covers are-

  • Keyword Usage: An audit will help to figure out whether keyword usage is on point and placed well or not. It checks whether it is efficient enough to bring in the optimal amount of traffic or not.
  • Organic Search Rankings: If you are paying an exorbitantly hefty amount for sponsored ads, then you might be looking for ways to cut down this spending which is causing a pinch in the pocket. An SEO audit basically helps in telling you how good you are doing in organic searches which lessens the need to do paid advertising.
  • Keep up with Competition: For surviving in the competitive landscape, you should consider a regular check of SEO rankings and keyword placement. Check the Meta tags so that you are able to keep up with them, remember your competitors are doing the same as well.
  • Understand Problematic Code: Basically, SEO audit helps to review the back end of the site for bugs and other issues that are causing the computer to slow down and is ultimately pushing down further in search rankings. For all of this, you have to avail the expertise of professional SEO services in Australia, if you don’t hold the required knowledge.
  • Check Your Backlinks: Search engines are proficient enough to determine the quality of the website. A few years back, a link farming practice was used that involved exchanging reciprocal links with other websites in order to enhance SEO. Now, over time SEO has been refined, and algorithms have become more sophisticated. Search engines believe in quality over quantity, so if a search engine finds that any questionable websites are linking to you, then they will put your website in the blacklist.
  • Page Load Speed: Page load speed is essential to consider when it comes to an SEO audit. A fast loading website gives a positive user experience, and on the other hand, a slow one results in higher bounce rates since people have limited attention span. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to analyze the speed of your website since it renders both on desktop and mobile. The primary purpose of a speed test is to determine which elements of your website are acting as hindrances from an SEO perspective. Once you come to know which area needs improvement, then you will be able to optimize your site’s performance.
  • Assess Your Site Architecture: One more factor that can improve your site’s SEO is a solid website structure. Feed-in mind, the better the architecture, the better will be the user experience, both in terms of website visitors, as well as for the bots that crawl to determine the search ranking. Having a strong URL structure is a pressing priority.
  • Crawling and Site Audits: Effective SEO audit starts with an all-inclusive site crawl. It monitors fundamental factors like bounce rate, conversions and page views. It brings forward major issues like on-page errors in the form of broken links, page titles, duplicate content and meta-data. If you find any problem, then contact professional SEO service providers in Australia for a detailed audit since it requires a more full-fledged check. On top of everything, it gives key indicators to optimize websites for better SEO and building brand awareness. When you are doing SEO check,emphasize on key areas:
  • URL Structure: Check out if all your URLs are unique, clean and simple
  • Content: Have a glance at the content that is published by you and ensure whether it is formatted, well-written and original or not.
  • Meta Descriptions: Check out the Meta descriptions that if it is written unique on each page and of the right length or not.
  • Links: Check the links which are embedded in the website if they work or not.
  • Images: Check if the descriptions of the images are on point or not.
  • Website Structure: Make sure whether the website is well-structured and easy to navigate or not.
  • A meticulous check will analyze your landing page, and how basically it relates to other pages, the menu, the overall user-friendliness of the page, and also check whether ads and banners are effective or not.
  • Double-Check Your Tags: Descriptive and easy to understand title tags precisely convey the purpose. Bear in mind, longer titles are cut off by search engines, so remember less is more. Also, try to incorporate relevant keywords wherever it is possible. A meta-tag basically serves as a description of a webpage’s content. For crawling a website, even Alt tags for images, text descriptions are essential. If you take into account accurate descriptions of your site’s imagery, then only it will impact your SEO. Furthermore, in terms of other vital tags, ensure each of your pages includes canonical tag as it will help to prevent duplicate content issues. And blog post tags will help you to organize your site’s content for crawling.

It is the need of the hour to check a website’s overall health to make sure its usability in both an internal and external context. Undertake an internal investigation of a number of factors comprising the sitemap, anchor text and even social media platforms. One of the significant reasons for doing it is, it informs you whether your website is getting penalized by Google or not for indulging in wrongdoings that further leads to damaging of site ranking. Therefore, for all of these factors, you severely need the help of MagicByte Solutions’ SEO Services in Australia. To some extent, an SEO audit is a complex process; perhaps it should be addressed by professional SEO experts.

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