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Techniques That Top SEO Service Companies are keen to Use in 2019

With the new year approaching, the rage for the experimentation in SEO techniques has risen as well. Users want to welcome the new year with the most successful ways to boost up their business’s performance. For this, they search for the finest techniques and ways to make the website run smoothly. The best SEO techniques can work wonders and for that, professional help is required. Our blog is here to offer the users with the most effective ways or techniques to keep the performance of their website up-to-the-mark. Along with it, for advanced assistance, contacting the SEO Services Company can play a significant role as well.


Let us now begin with the most important SEO techniques that can be used to lift up the website’s performance:


Google’s RankBrain:


When it comes to search associated factor, Google deploys it as the paramount raking factor. RankBrain, ML (Machine Learning) with search, draws visions based on visitors’ interaction with search results.     


Impacts that it’ll have on Search Engine Optimization in 2019 are:


  • It boosts up ranking of a website even if the users opt it ahead of others, prior to or after, regardless of considering if the name of that appears on top of SERP or not. For satisfying RankBrain, a website has to get visitors glued on it for a remarkable amount of time.    
  • Sometimes, there are circumstances when visitors chose the site at the topmost position on SERP but instantly bounces back to the previous page i.e. search result page because of being annoyed by the awful content. In those cases, RankBrain will take note of it followed by booting the site from its top position.


Hence, while scheduling an SEO strategy for the upcoming year, don’t forget to consider RankBrain.


CTR (Click-Through-Rate):


CTR refers to the rate at which the search appearances in regards to your webpage converts into clicks. In addition to RankBrain, Click-Through-Rate also plays a vital role in ranking websites on Google search result pages. For example – if your website/webpage is on 4th position but attaining more clicks in comparison to one with 1st rank, Google will automatically boost up your ranking.


Hence, as recommended by the experts of a successful SEO Marketing Company – good CTR is of great value if you are expecting higher/ better rankings in SERPs. 




Many a times, we hear and/or read ‘Content is King’. It’s really true! Content is the factor that can make your website successful or failure.  However, content never dies, it just turns obsolete with time and needs modifications on regular basis. In the year 2019, one must focus on context-rich and in-depth content. Wondering what is it? Actually, Google Spiders are getting smarter day by day. Therefore, to get good remarks by Google’s  your content must consider not only keywords but a number of other factors. A few features of Excellent Content include:


  • Your Blog should hold research-based information
  • Deploy Latent Semantic Indexing (LTI) Keywords
  • Evergreen and Authoritative content
  • Content length matters a lot


Mobile First Index:


Walking with the advancements, personal computers are replaced by smartphones, phablets, tablets, and many other mobile devices. All this propelled search engines to switch its focus to mobile-first index. It means Google in this and/or almost all the upcoming years will prioritize mobile version over all others.    


For Ensuring Good Results with regards to Mobile first index, consider:


  • Make content that suits not just mobile or desktop but both
  • Deploying responsive designs that are able to suffice your website’s mobile version
  • Deploying videos in your content will be a beneficial factor that promise great results
  • Check out your site’s user experience on mobile devices and if required, make the changes accordingly


Video Content Marketing is Profit-oriented:


These days, the importance of Video Marketing has mounted up to a great level. A lot of users search for the best video marketing techniques as they are popular and advanced. YouTube is known to be the best platform that can be used for lifting up the business to the first page of Google. Videos will be in demand in 2019 and beyond that as well.


So, if the businessmen are not using the strategy well, they might be missing out a lot of traffic. There is a great demand for videos, so using them as per the business, website, niche, services, and products can benefit a lot.


Conclusion: So, leveraging the above-mentioned tips can surely assist in achieving the top ranking on Google. Making them use in day-to-day operations can certainly help the users to earn the required traffic. Other than this, fetching help from the best SEO Services Company can help in achieving the set target. Its high time to use them and make 2019 the best year to come!

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