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Top 8 Local SEO Strategies & Tips For 2021

Getting recognized in the digital industry can be a challenging undertaking, especially for beginners. But we can’t overlook the fact that SEO and Digital marketing is there to save us from the rat race and cut-throat competition.

If you wish to attain visibility in the industry, then at no cost, you can overlook the importance of Local SEO. Perhaps, it is a pressing priority to gain customers and visibility from local searches. And for accomplishing this, it is vital to prioritize your local SEO strategies in order to upscale your level and position in the industry.

If you’re pretty new to this concept, keep reading this blog post to learn about Local SEO Strategy for 2021. 

 Consider these eight strategies as a helping hand as it will help you to master-the-art of Local SEO. By focusing on Local SEO-to-dos, you can attain higher recognition and soar heights.

The only difference between national SEO and Local SEO is that national SEO focuses more on ranking in searches across the country. And on the other hand, local SEO prioritizes appearing on SERPs in a specific location. If you optimize your local SEO, it means more website traffic, leads, and conversions since the Local SEO strategy will be relevant to your local customers’ base.


Facts & Statistics

According to reports, 35% of all search traffic is local. Without local SEO, it is quite possible you can lose out on a significant amount of traffic.

What Is Local Search Engine Optimization?

In literal terms, Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing online presence and visibility to attract more prospects.

For Example: You might be running a local restaurant outlet, but remember there is also another local restaurant outlet offering the same services in your city. In such circumstances, you might find out that some of your competitors who are part of the same niche appear in the search results and that too on top rankings.

Leaving everything aside, if you really want your local business to appear in the search box at topmost position, then you should emphasize on the Local SEO strategy to target more local customers. If a well-designed strategy backs you, then you can achieve a higher ranking.

Now, when you know what local SEO is, the next step is to get accustomed to some local SEO strategies that you can unquestionably use in 2021. To target more local customers in your locality, adopt an actionable strategy.

Top 8 Local Strategies On Your Way…

  1. Local Citation


Local Citation is basically a process of churning out appropriate and consistent information, especially about your local business to listing directories in mandate to assure search engines and customers get to know where to find your business. If you build a local citation, it can help you establish online credibility for your business because, in a way, it allows search engines to look at the citations and assist customers.

Steps To Build Local Citation: 

  • First of all, secure a list of places where you can build your local citations.
  • After that, select a country, and then you will get a list of places where you can add your mark.
  • Now, brand out to local directories such as business associations, specific niche websites, local chambers of commerce, TripAdvisor, etc.

However, local citation building should be left to SEO services provider because everything should be up-to-the-mark and spot-on.

  1. Focus On Google My Business Listing

local business listing sites


Focusing on Google My Business Listing and making it a part of your strategy is imperative. Since it explicitly allows your business to get metrics about how your customers engage with your business online. Also, it would be best if you put your business name on Google Maps. And when your business is placed on the Maps, then your customers and prospects can find you. We are asking you to do so because when your business is placed on the Maps, your prospects and customers can easily locate you.

Ways through which you can setup your Google My Business listing account:

  • First of all, sign in to your Google account and then enter your business’ name, phone number and address.
  • Next, pin the marker on Google Maps and ensure the pin is located at the exact position where your store is located.
  • Now, aside from the phone number, enter your website link and incorporate a few more optimizations to your listing.
  • Now, when you’re done, you can check the info menu in the sidebar and then click on the pen icon if you want to modify other parts of your listing.
  1. Perform Keyword Research

keyword research

Now, once you considered Google My Business listing as a part of your strategy, then it’s time to conduct keyword research to optimize your business website based on the type of business you run and its location.

For Example: If you’re operating a computer repair shop in your locality, some of the keywords you can include are “computer repair shops,” or “computer repair services.” You should add these keywords to your webpage, particularly in your Meta Descriptions, Title Tags in order to rank them in the search slides. To attain most out of your local SEO strategy, try to not go overboard with unnecessary keywords.

  1. Optimization for Voice Search

voice search

Voice search concept is progressing over the time. Therefore in local SEO, it is need of the hour to optimize for voice search. Basically, customers ask questions when they speak into devices instead of typing their query.

For Example: If a customer uses voice search feature, in that case, what is your business’ operating hour information should also be accessible to them.

  1. Count On Local Keywords

Bear in mind your keywords should be relevant to local customers. And in this regard, your Keyword Planner can let you filter keyword searches based on location so that you can get an idea of the popular search terms for a given area. If you follow this, then you will get a list of locally relevant keywords to target.

  1. Location Pages & Location Specific “About Us” Pages

 location pages

Location pages are a must-have if your business is currently working on more than one location in an area. If you do, then your page should include the following details:

  • Name, Phone Number and Address
  • Testimonials
  • Store Hours
  • Parking Availability
  • Promotions
  • Include Google Maps to each page location

Also, when you have multiple locations, try to create compelling, error-free and unique content for each page. And if you have one location, then create the About Us page that solely focuses on local and relevant information that is necessary.

  1. Make the Most Out Of Online Business Directories

local directories

When it comes to Business Directories, then we can name a few of the websites such as MapQuest, Yelp, Foursquare and YellowPages. Moreover, your business listing you should include the basics such as:

  • Correct address, business name and contact number across all directories.
  • Incorporate a backlink to your website.
  • Include a comprehensive description of your business.

Bottom Line: By adding an address, phone number and business name in the directory will not only help you get visibility but as the cherry on the cake, it also boost your local SEO.

  1. Acquire High-Quality Backlinks

link building

 Proven Fact: As per renowned and authentic reports, Backlinks are considered as the first and second-most-important factor for localized organic results.

It is a need of the moment to get high-quality backlinks to boost your local SEO.

Tips and Tricks to Get High-Quality Backlinks:

  • It would be best if you focus on a high-quality link on your website, so other companies really desire to link to your content.
  • Ask your onboard SEO Services provider to post Guest Blog on reputable sites with high domain authority.
  • Also, engage as much as you can with local influencers on social media or by email to entice them to link back to you.

Wrapping Up

When you have top 8 Local SEO Strategy list in your hand, then what are you waiting for? Go and implement now to achieve what you have envisioned for the success of your business. Taking a note of these strategies will help you get to the top of local search results in no time. Go ahead to try your sheer luck and thank us later.

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