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What Are The Magical Principles Of Good Web Design?

Are you looking to revamp your website design? If yes, then you should definitely know the magical principles of a good web design. Since a website design should fulfill its intended function of engaging with the visitors. There’s no secret that typography, imagery, simplicity, consistency and functionality contribute in designing an impeccable and efficacious website. There is an assortment of factors that contributes to building a high-quality and flawless website. All in all, a highly-functional and well-designed website helps in building trust and also entice visitors to take action. If you really wish to provide bang-on and stellar user experience for customers, you have to consider these fantastic principles to get the results. You have to nail the game between Aesthetics and Functionality. So, here we are with a detailed list of principles you should consider for your website revamping project. But, if you don’t possess any knowledge and expertise about web design, then you should definitely leave the designing part on a professional web designing company.

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Top 5 Principles of Good Website Design

Principle 1: F-Shaped Pattern Reading

The F-shaped pattern is basically a common way through which visitors scan text on a website. According to the experts, people usually see in the top and left area of the screen. It is the natural pattern of reading so your website design should be compatible with the natural pattern of scanning the text. If you are unaware of this concept and have no idea how to follow it on a website, immediately discuss it with your onboard web designing company.

Principle 2: Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is basically the arrangement of elements which gives a clean and sleek look to the website. This visual hierarchy is achieved with the help of imagery, contrast, color, size, typography, texture, style and whitespace. One of the significant function of visual hierarchy is establishing a focal point; this basically tells visitors where the most vital information is. In case, you don’t get it how to achieve visual hierarchy, then take the help of a top-notch web designing company.

Principle 3: Mobile-Friendly


mobile friendly


How can you reach to every user out there, if your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly? If you are missing out on this principle, then it is somehow impossible for your business to acquire skyrocket heights. The hour’s need is to build your website with a responsive layout where the website can fit and is adjustable to every device and screen size.

Principle 4: Speed Loading Time

Waiting time on the website can cost you heavy loss, and more than that, you will lose out on potential leads and sales. As per statistics, most of the web visitors expect a website to load in two seconds or less. And they leave a website and turn their back towards competitor’s website if it is not loaded within 3 seconds. A quick tip from our side is to optimize image size so that your website loads at a faster rate.


loading time

Principle 5: Grid-Based Layout

Grid basically helps to structure design, and moreover, it keeps the content organized. The grid helps in aligning elements on the page, and it gives a clean and simple look. It organizes content into a grid structure which includes columns and sections. It basically gives a stellar and aesthetically pleasing look. Therefore, right now ask your onboard web designing company to use the grid-based layout on your website.

Wrapping Up

Make sure your website is designed by keeping in mind these principles so that you are able to get nothing less than the best. Focus on result-driven web development services so that you are able to acquire fruitful results. Moreover, you can’t miss out on the advantages of having a WordPress website, therefore get in touch with top-rated WordPress Development Company. For revamping your website, take MagicByte Solutions onboard as it is an award-winning web designing company. We are competent enough to give your business a face and life as we are always open to designing a customized website on the clients’ special and specific demand.


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