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How to Get More Traffic With Inbound Link : A Beginner’s Guide To SEO

Search Engine focuses mainly on the broad spectrum of factors and attributes, and based on that they decide whether the website deserves to be ranked on the top search engine results page or not. Though mainly on-site and off-site optimization is required for the success of the website, but links are also one of the essential factors as they can have an enormous impact on SEO results. Notably, the inbound link shouldn’t be overlooked as it plays a significant part in search optimization. So first and foremost, let’s learn what inbound link is. It is basically a hyperlink which backs your site from another established Web site. It would be best if you use high-quality backlinks as they help you in standing out in search engine results. Now, you must be wondering why they are so important. Right? This is because they hold the power to bring potential customers to your website when the visitor clicks on the link. It helps in elevating the number of visitors to your website. Just like a magic trick, it improves your search engine rankings. The only method to succeed in linking strategy is to manually create high-quality links along with the useful and enriching content. In a nutshell, links are vital as search engines view them credible and authoritative. Well, the higher links you have pointing to your site in comparison to other high quality relevant websites, there is a high probability of ranking your website high for targeted keywords.

An inbound link is basically composed of two parts: Firstly, the link to the page of your website, which is usually the URL of your page. Secondly, the anchor text, which is the text that is highlighted mainly in the link that gets traffic to your website. This type of links give search engines like Google and Yahoo loads of information about how reliable and trustworthy a piece of content is online. For instance, a blog with tons of high-quality links from reputable websites is trustworthy because those well-known, recognized websites cast a vote of assurance by linking to that content. Let us tell you the value of inbound which is called the link authority. Link authority is usually based on the overall power of the website and even on the individual page. Therefore, getting links to your website from already established sites is very much essential. It gives an indication to the search engine that you hold a reliable and authentic source of information.

Top Inbound Links You Must Have in Your Website: 

  1. Blog Comments: This is used to gain traffic for your own website. What SEO Company in Australia usually do is, they first of all find the blog posts on which to comment, then use blog-specific search engine likes Google Blog Search. For gaining prominence, brand yourself by using the same name and don’t forget to link back to your website. Always remember to leave a comment that adds value to the conversation that’s taking place within the comments.
  2. Directory Links: Directories are basically indexes of online sites that are usually organized by category. Most treasured links back your site are from directories like Yahoo Directory and, they are cost-free and is edited by human editors. If you want your website to get added to Yahoo’s Directory, then it costs $299/year.
  3. Social Bookmarking: Just like Web Browser bookmarks, social bookmarking sites basically store individual pages that allow the users to add keywords. Also, searching, organizing and managing bookmarks of Web resources allow the SEO Company in Australia to share them with others. SEO experts bookmark content on sites like,, so that they get a link from the service. Firstly one should generate content that readers love and then bookmark it because it further helps in increasing SEO value.
  4. Internal Links: Internal linking is essential for those who have more than one Website, and a blog, make sure you link one to others. You can do this by linking one blog to other or related blogs or link to the category, any of the way will work wonders. You require a sound and robust inbound linking strategy that will be the key factor, therefore, hire digital marketing services.
  5. EDU and.GOV links: Search engines like Google and Yahoo give utmost importance to government and education web sites as they find them credible. Also, it is effortless to get high-quality links from these renowned sites.
  6. YouTube Video Syndication: YouTube is one of the most popular platforms and also the most visited. And the website allows the user to link to their website in the video’s description and also on your profile page.
  7. Social Media: Even Google indexes Twitter updates and social networking profiles. So you have an excellent opportunity to gain some traffic.
  8. Blog Syndication: If you submit the RSS feed of your blog for syndication services, then they will give a high-quality link back to your site. In some scenarios, each and every time you publish a new post, then you will automatically get a link.
  9.  Article Directories:If you write and distribute articles through popular article directories like, then it is the best way to extract valuable inbound links from a high traffic website.
  10. Press Releases: If you write press release, then ensure that it is optimized for keywords because it will help in finding your website. So, once you have written the press release, then assure that your press release is distributed through a service like as it will create links from high traffic websites.

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To rank a website high in the search engine, SEO experts built inbound links to their content from numerous recognized websites. Just remember, the more authoritative links your content gets, the better is the chance that your content will rank well. You will find hundreds of guides on the Internet how to build inbound link, but the most ethical and impeccable way to grow is by creating content that is compelling, attractive, enriching, and worth liking to. Long story short, generate high-quality, original content that other websites want to refer and link to in their own content.

Final Step: Hire SEO Company in Australia for Creating Stellar Inbound Marketing Strategy

Your website needs optimization to perform better and bear in mind that it is a time-consuming and cumbersome task altogether. Also, not every business owner possess in-depth knowledge of SEO and how it works. For running a successful SEO campaign, you need full-time efforts and constant adaptation of new trends and updates. For you, Magicbyte Solutions digital marketing services are perfect as our qualified and certified SEO experts and digital marketers will come up with a tailor-made strategy that will help your business acquire prosperous results.

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