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A Definitive SEO Guide: How Keyword Research Can Help Your Website Grow

In this blog post, we will learn how to do keyword research in 2020. Overall we will cover out: How to find keywords, how to choose the right keywords, and we will also share some insightful advanced keyword research tips. Feed-in mind keyword research has an impact on every SEO task, including On-Page SEO, content promotion, in finding content topics, and email outreach. Therefore, we can state and conclude keyword research is usually the first step of an SEO campaign. Consider keywords like a compass of your SEO campaign as they will tell you where to lead to and will also let you know whether you are making progress or not.  As a brownie point, it will help you to better understand what your target audience needs and demands are. It will answer your array of questions such as how difficult it will be to rank for this keyword, how much traffic you will generate once you get to rank for this keyword, what kind of content should we create to rank for this keyword. The answers to these questions will help you fight your SEO battles wisely.

However, to avoid keyword cannibalization, which takes place if you target a specific keyword across multiple pages, which further results to be a potentially terrible magnitude for SEO. You are actually competing with yourself when you have multiple pages ranking for the same keyword. Ask your onboard SEO Company to identify whether keyword cannibalization exists or not on your website, if it does then, give them the green signal to fix it right away.

Before we dive in and start looking at our focus area, let’s make sure we understand the basics. What keywords are should be our very first question- keywords are basically the words and phrases that people type in search engines. They are well-known as search queries or SEO Keywords. Now, let’s wrap our head around what is keyword research. It is basically the process of finding keywords that you want to rank in the search engines. It’s about knowing what potential customers/visitors are searching for and how. It also includes analyzing and comparing keywords to find the best prospects. It’s the right time to hop on to the main point and see why searching for keywords is essential. It is the only way to look out what people are typing into search engines. Anyhow, you must know about the user’s queries/questions so that you don’t create content about topics that nobody is searching for. Most of the businesses make this mistake, and it’s one of the significant reasons why 90.63% of pages get no traffic from Google.

How Keyword Research Helps Website to Grow?

Although many SEO factors contribute to the success of the website, including content, link building, on-site optimization and technical SEO, but, the most significant factor that will contribute to the site’s traffic growth is keyword research. Your original content with the relevant keyword can immensely help you in ranking on the top page of the search engine results page.

How to Look for Keyword Ideas?

Let’s dive right in and have a glance at the nitty-gritty list of keyword research. We are going to share the proven strategies that will help you to come with a lot of keyword ideas.

SEO Keyword Research

  • Brainstorming: Come with a list of topics that your targeted customers would be interested in reading. Let’s hypothetically assume you run a digital marketing agency. Now think about what topics people will search that are related and relevant to your business. Some topics that could be useful for users are Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, PPC, Blogging, and Website Traffic. Also, there is a disclaimer these topics aren’t keywords. They are broad topics; now, your duty is to select relevant keywords related to these topics.
  • You Can Use Google, and YouTube Suggest: Once you prepared the list of topic, then type each one of them into Google. Now, look at what terms Google suggests to you. It can be a great keyword to add to your list because if Google is offering a keyword that means already a lot of people are searching for it. But don’t end your research with Google Suggest, go ahead and look for keyword suggestion which YouTube gives.
  • Find Trending Topics Using Forums: With forums, you can get live focus groups, and one of the effortless ways to find forums where your target audience hangs out is to search for these phrases in Google: Keyword forum, keyword + forum, keyword + forums. Once you find a perfect forum then notice how it is divided up into sections. Each of the section can come handy for you as it can be a potential topic that you can add to your list. To find some of the threads of the forums, you should dig deeper and then find specific topics that your target audience wants to read about.
  • Use Keyword Research Tools: A keyword research tool can make the entire process of searching a lot easier. On the one hand, competitors can be an excellent source for keyword ideas, but still, there may be many keywords that competitors might not be targeting, and you can find them in easy steps with keyword research tools. Google keyword planner is a well-known keyword tool which is absolutely free to use. This tool is the most reliable source for keyword research since the data you get from the Keyword planner directly comes from Google. You can anytime count on Ubersuggest as well, the upgrade it got can help you big time. Moreover, it also generates keyword ideas from Google’s search suggestions and will give data on each keyword, such as based on search volume, keyword difficulty and many more.                                                                                                              

There is no end to learning when it comes to keyword research tips. To create a winning keyword research strategy, you need a helping hand of an award-winning SEO Company. In this regard, partner with MagicByte Solutions since we are best in business and will put your keyword research into action from start-to-finish.

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