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Bing Ads Management Services

Now, use Bing Ads to connect with millions of users, and get access to exhaustive resources which are quintessential for business growth and success. Magicbyte Solutions will take care of all your business aspirations and goals

Bing Ads Management Services

Grow Revenue with Bing Advertising

Businesses are now benefitting from pay-per-click (PPC). Bing Ads can help in reaching a novel group of high-quality clients and elevate the RAS (Return on Advertising Spend). With this, clients with Bing Ads campaigns often have lower cost-per-click (CPC & costs-per acquisition (CPA) that with comparable Google Ads campaigns.

Although Google is the leader in the search engine market, Bing search still counts for a large number of market share. Bing still receives queries more than 3 billion each day, which indicates that significant portion of their audience uses Bing for search. Bing Advertising is also another effective way to generate leads and traffic.

Key Benefits of Bing Ads

The cost of advertising in Bing is relatively low, but you can generate a significant amount of leads. Bing ads management will boost your Return on Investment (ROI) by refocusing on efficient PPC, which will increase leads as well as conversion rates.

  • Bing Ads Management Services

    It’s simple to get set up on Bing Ads.

  • Bing Ads Management Services

    Provides authentic data to Help You Plan Better.

  • Bing Ads Management Services

    You will receive better ROI (Returns on Investment).

  • Bing Ads Management Services

    You will reach a global audience with Bing Ads.

  • Bing Ads Management Services

    Bing Ads have better UI.

  • Bing Ads Management Services

    Accessing Bing Ads on the go is simple.

Choose how you want to reach your customers.

Now, reach out to the potential customers, broadcast the ads to entire regions or countries with Magicbyte Solutions. With Bing Ads, it is all in your hands!

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How Do We Optimize Your Bing Ads Campaigns?

Optimizing campaigns in Bing Advertising is similar to the process of auditing your Google AdWords campaigns. We can improve an existing underperforming campaign by analyzing campaign strength and weakness to adapt investment recommendations accordingly. By choosing us as for a PPC company, we make sure that you receive the worth of your ad expenditure, as we offer top-class PPC services which assist in boosting up your sales to increase your profits. Our team consists of dedicated PPC specialists with years of expertise which creates and optimizes Bing Ads campaigns.

Bing Ads Campaigns Optimization Process

Let's see how we optimize Bing Ads Campaigns
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Making a Bing Ads Account

Firstly, go to the Bing ads website and make an account with Bing. There is a choice to set up a campaign. You now see that there is also the ability for you to import a campaign you are running on AdWords.


Bing ads keywords - MagicByte Solutions

Choosing the right keywords

While advertising, you are going to run Bing Search Campaigns. These are actually similar to AdWords Search Campaigns, which means that you are going to bid on keywords that will activate the display of the Bing Ad. The keywords that you choose will have a great impact on the ability to make campaigns that will produce a positive ROI.


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Managing your campaigns over time

If you are new to Bing Ads, you will need to take some important steps to manage the online ad campaigns so that they repeatedly offer a great ROI (Return on Investment). One step over here would be adding of the negative keywords. Come up with the negative keywords to see the results in the long run.

Why Use Bing Ads?

Bing Ads can help in reaching a novel group of high-quality clients and elevate the RAS (Return on Advertising Spend). Bing ads management will help you reach target audiences by creating and optimizing Bing Ads campaigns.

  • It drives more sales, leads and traffic for less money.
  • A large number of traveler audience search Bing ads more than Google.
  • Cost-per-click & Click-through rates will be less for other channels which shall remain unnamed.
  • Bing Ads has better device targeting options.
  • Bings ads has good social extensions.
  • Bing Ads lets you control search demographics.