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Online Reputation Management(ORM)

With the best Online Reputation Services at Magicbyte Solutions, build up positive digital presence, better online connections, and brand recognition for your business

Online Reputation Management Services - MagicByte Solutions

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online reputation management (ORM) or we can say Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is all about improving and restoring your business’s goodwill.

ORM strategy encompasses countering, waning, and/or eradicating the negative posts, comments, and feedbacks found over the internet with positive material so as to improve your brand’s credibility and the consumers’ trust in you.

key Benefits of Online Reputation Management

An effective and strategic ORM benefits you with:

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    Noteworthy trust from online visitors’ and customers’ end

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    Higher ratings and better reviews that lead to more business & profits

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    A positive reputation that ensures more targeted traffic to your website

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    Improved transparency in regards to your products and services

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    Minimum risks or conflicts due to negative material about your brand

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    Opportunities to grow your positive presence on various digital channels

How is Your Current ORM Campaign Performing?

Don’t Worry! Carry out a test to determine if anything is degrading your online reputation. You can do this by using your website URL, target keywords, and more. To receive a clear report along with tons of insights and suggestions.

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How Do We Optimize Your ORM ?

Our ORM Optimization Process

Let's see how we optimize Our ORM
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ORM Analysis - MagicByte Solutions


We perform an in-depth analysis of not only your website but also each and everything related to it. For instance – keywords, posts, comments, and positive to negative reviews. It will provide you with an idea about where your brand stands, what factors are impacting your status and what to do for better results.


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Spread Your Online Presence

Building accounts on social media sites can aid you to interact with a greater number of audiences and thus, enhance your influence as well as engagement. Different customers prefer different platforms for researching what they want. Hence, we aid in expanding your presence too on as many platforms as possible.


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Ask for Costumers’ Reviews

Having negative reviews is common as it is not necessary that all individuals will have a good experience with your products. To hide these, we ask happy customers to write positive reviews for you. Our experts offer suggestions on how to attract people to add to your positivity even without compelling them.


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Maintain Your Website Credibility

There are a number of factors that may hurt the trustworthiness of a brand. We prepare lists of detected elements that upgrade and harm the credibility of your website. After that, compare them with your site and teach how to get rid of the harmful ones and multiply those that can add to your site’s reliability.


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Prioritizing and Promoting Blogs

One of the great ways to attain good online reputation is enhancing domain authority and the best tactic to do this is blogging. We aid you in posting attractive contents that encompass infographics, images, and videos on regular basis to boost up your SEO and as a result your authority rankings.


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Responding Publicly and Genuinely

Situations like people write unfavorable reviews about your brand online are really tricky. Undoubtedly, you want to safeguard yourself but remember argument is not the solution. People want to view how you handle negative situations. Our experts will teach you to respond genuinely even when reviewers are wrong.


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Take Advantage of Reputation Monitoring Tools

Only monitoring some comments, reviews, and posts regarding your website and/ or products is not sufficient to get a clear picture of what people feel about your brand. Hence, we recommend to avail and use a few online tools that notify you whenever anyone mentions anything about your business..


SEO techniques - MagicByte Solutions


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important ways to optimize your brand’s online reputation. It is an excellent strategy to get more and more positive reviews, trustworthy links, and branded connections to your website. Our professionals are expert in getting most out of a well-organized SEO.

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