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Email Support Service

Why choose us?

The most comfortable and convenient way to configure and set up your email server is by seeking help from professionals like us. Once the initial email setup is ready, even then clients can later change the preference as per their liking. If you host your own email server then it requires an immense amount of efforts and precautions from your side, henceforth it’s worth hiring technical support if you don’t want to face any aggravation. We render the services in a way so that our clientele’s are able to run their email promotional campaigns efficiently. We can even remotely set-up server configurations and that too safely without any trouble. The best attribute of availing our technical support is you can run a spam-filtered and secure email server for your business and personal use. Customization is what we believe in, so we work accordingly as per the client’s requirement and preferences. We will keep your server IP and domain in check and always incessantly keep an eye on issues which can anytime ensue due to incorrect DNS settings. Also, safety is always on our mind; as a result, we secure clientele’s email connection using secure settings (SSL). It basically enables to encrypt the connection between your email client and the mail server to assure that the mail is private, so except the intended recipient it can’t be accessed or read by anyone. For us, customer privacy is what matters; therefore, we take proper care of confidentiality risks and privacy intrusion. We don’t make false promises; we deliver what we pledge.

Reliable and Secure Email Support services: You can pin your faith in our services when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. We comprehend how it is difficult to safeguard yourself from prying eyes of hackers, mainly when pesky email scams like phishing is used comprehensively. We stand by providing High-quality email support services that too at cost-effective prices.

Experienced Email Support Services: At MagicByte Solutions, we are backed by qualified and highly trained email support technicians who have years of expertise and experience in this field. You can expect proficiency from us since we hold a track record of success in delivering the best of email support services.

Domain Expertise: Getting your own email domain for business is the first step when a newly born company puts its footstep forward in the industry. If you want success and fruitful results, then do not use a generic Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email address. We at MagicByte Solutions is here to find and set up an address that fits your business. Your email address should look reliable and trustworthy so that no one is reluctant when it comes to authenticity. We will give a custom domain email address that will look more credible and professional to your business.

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