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Profit From Instagram Ad Management To Draw Anticipated Yields

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What is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram is a popular social media platform having millions of users all over the globe. Instagram Advertising is an approach of paying for advertisement content to reach a larger and more quality audience. Regardless of whether you require an image, set of images, or video having textual content to reach your audience, we are ready to offer every stuff.Most social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns. Companies address a range of stakeholders through social media marketing services, including current and potential customers, journalists, bloggers, and the general public. At Magicbyte Solutions, we are accredited as a top-most and trustworthysocial media marketing company. Our qualified proficients plan and implement inimitable social media marketing strategies that leadto prodigious results.

Key Benefits of Instagram Ads

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    Over 60% of Instagram Users use an online App to buy stuff.

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    Instagram Advertising refers to “Most Advanced Social Media Advertising Platforms

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    Sales and Leads are easily monitored via Instagram Ads to keep an eye on ROI

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    Instagram separates Personal and Business profiles

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    Instagram’s large “User Base” makes a brand presence felt.

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    Build Quality Connections that will stay connected with the brand

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How To We Optimize Your Instagram Advertising Campaigns?

Instagram Advertising Campaigns Optimization Process

Let's see how we optimize Instagram Advertising Campaigns
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Select an editor and create your campaign.

We create Instagram ads using different tools:

  • Power Editor
  • Ads Manager
  • Instagram Ads API

While selecting any of the tools to use, we being a top-notch social media marketing companyconsider both company size and the number of ads that need to be run simultaneously.


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Choose an objective.

Objective behind running a campaign is very important. A number of campaign objective options are offered to clients to choose from. All this is offered, in order to be eligible to appear on Instagram.


Create Ad

Choose your audience.

Advertisements are selected on the basis of audience interest. If you’re just new to Instagram then don’t worry, we are ready to give you the best ads strategy as per audience.



Set your placement.

We as a team of experts set up Instagram ads. To move forward with the Instagram ads, all the boxes are unchecked except for the "Instagram."



Set your budget and schedule.

Option for advertisement daily budget or a lifetime budget is also offered

  • Daily budget ad run continuously throughout the day
  • Lifetime budget run for a specified length of time



Set your ad creative.

We as experts of Instagram Ads, make them creative to drive more audience. All is done on the basis of the requirement, which will depend on the original objective for sure



Set your page & links.

Choose the Facebook Page of the account you like to generate the ads from, even if they are not running on Facebook.

Why Instagram ads?

Instagram Ads allows businesses to share their unique point of views to target audience for fetching good ROI.

Customizable CTA Buttons

When an ad is about to launch for the masses, a proper check is made to ensure that every piece is working appropriately to create the best Ad for the desired response.

Different Ad Types

Depending upon the size of your target audience and the different stages of your sales funnel.

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Stories Ads

Performance Tracking

The advantage of advertising on Instagram is performance tracking functionality. As Instagram is the part of Facebook, brands gain the extra benefit of creating and managing ads via the Facebook Ad Manager.

Organic Growth

The additional benefit of Instagram is the environment by which organic growth for a brand of all sizes is by default enhanced. No need to pay for likes and followers that is quite common in other social media platforms.