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What is Responsive Web Design ?

Responsive web design is a fundamental ideology to create a site that not just looks and works at its best but also encompasses an optimal view of all significant information with ease of reading, scrolling, and any other sort of device and/or screen size.

Benifit of Responsive Website

  • Number 1
    More Mobile Traffic

    Site holding responsive design is worthy to provide the ever-increasing population of mobile device users with the best experience. As a result, it proves helpful in obtaining more and more mobile traffic.

  • Number 2
    Lower Maintenance Needs

    Responsive design uses an approach - “one size fits all” that allows the developers, business owners, and even consumers to perform their role with less headache regarding maintenance. Moreover, the time saved with this tactic can be used to focus on other vital things such as content creation and marketing.

  • Number 3
    Faster Web Pages

    Web pages taking a long time to navigate or finish loading can frustrate consumers to an opinion of no return. However, websites that use responsive design techniques and images ensure good loading speed of web pages, thus, improved user experience.

  • Number 4
    Lower Bounce Rates

    Keeping the site visitors engaged in order to prevent them from bouncing back is a great challenge. But responsive designs can serve the audiences with a better user experience that make them explore different sections of the website, thus, stay on it for a longer period.

  • Number 5
    Improved SEO

    When it comes to the improvement of Search Engine Optimization, responsive web design plays a significant role. It serves the website with not just higher rankings on SERPs but prevention from posts, comments, or other things that impact the site negatively.

  • Number 6
    Higher Conversion Rates

    Developing a website that looks professional on all the platforms and creates consistent user experience, responsive design acts as a key to convert new customers. It prevents visitors from being frustrated or turns to a competitor, thus ultimately ensure higher conversion rates.

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Vital Steps that encapsulate an Operative Responsive Web Design Process

Our Responsive Web Design Optimization Process

Let's see how we optimize Our Responsive Web Design Process



Understanding the basics

With this first step of profound comprehending of the web design process, planning for fine execution of other steps will get easier.



Client Brief

Having brief information about clients’ need, products, and services will aid you in accomplishing the project on time without any complaint from their end.




Researching will support in being familiar with the advancements and changes taking place in the web designing industry. It also provides ideas about the tools, techniques, and strategies your competitors are using.




Now, start with the designing of responsive web pages that encompass not only approachable but also attractive as well as well-organized images and content.



Use Media Queries

Once tackling the text content and images of the website complete successfully, use your media queries that allow the creation of different web designs for almost all screen sizes.



Define Your Breakpoints

To access websites, most of the clients prefer mobile devices. Hence, defining breakpoints for these is significant but as future can’t be predicted, set your breakpoints for wide resolutions.



Test Your Prototype

To ensure that your responsive design will work effectively, test the final creation on multiple devices. If any issue disappoints you, resolve the same before final launch.



Ultimate Launch

Once all the outcomes of prototyping test appear fine, go for the ultimate step of launching the product. All the best! Your clients will like it.

List of the Best Responsive Website Design Tools and Frameworks

There are a number of excellent tools & frameworks that aid in creating exceptional websites. If you don’t have an idea on where to start, the below list of resources will give the spark you require to build an effective and friendly design that put up almost all mobile devices.